Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Guest Appearance on DriveThruHR Radio: Is Certification Worth It?

I was the guest on DriveThruHR, hosted by Bryan Wempen. DriveThruHR is the #1 Daily HR Interet radio show in the country. Bryan, who is studying for his SPHR, asked me to talk a bit about the value of the HRCI certification. Of course my answer is yes, on both a personal and professional level. But rather than writing what I said I am giving you the chance to listen to the show. Click on show 91 or the replay of 91.

Listen to internet radio with Bryan Wempen on Blog Talk Radio
Let me know what you think. I will also be appearing next Thursday, the 29th of July talking about recent changes in the regulations surrounding INDEPENDENT CONTRACTORS.  The news is not good. So stay tuned.

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The Landi said...


I just finished listening to you on Drive Thru HR. I just got my official pass from HRCI yesterday, so I was glad to hear you came down on the side of pro-certification!

It was a good podcast!