Monday, March 09, 2009

Outsourcing HR: Having Resumes Screened In India

With the onslaught of resumes that recruiters are receiving these days it is no suprise that they are looking for ways to make the job easier. An article in the WallStreet Journal online Career section on March 5th, entitled "Did You Get My Resume?" details several methods recruiters are using to streamline the process. These include:
  1. Use of artifcial intelligent software to prescreen resumes. This goes beyond "keyword" searches which is how applicants used to be able to get around resume reader screening. Today an employer can put in a profile of experiences and have the software look for matches.

  2. Use of online personality tests. If you don't match the profile of successful job incumbents you don't make it through the prescreening process. (I might have some questions about validity on this one.)

  3. Finally, many employers are using "offshore" resume screeners. Resume screeners, actual people, living in India or the Phillipines read resumes overnight and have them sorted for the recruiters when they come to work in the morning. Now this is "outsourced" HR!

I am not too sure how I would like to have my resume screened by someone in the Phillipines, but that is just me. I would like to hear from some recruiters about how you handle the resume screening process.


Dr. Bruce Hoag said...

I have more than just doubts about the validity of prescreening. It may be illegal as well to use a personality test to filter out people who do not fit a prescribed profile. Tests alone cannot determine merit, nor can they predict who is likely to be successful. Structured interviews coupled with hypothetical work problems produce the best results; but even this combination is effective only about 80% of the time. Companies that rely on tests alone to screen candidates at any one step in the hiring process may land themselves in court in the not to distant future.

Michael D. Haberman, SPHR said...

Good point Bruce. It is indeed a minefield on which people tread if they use this as the sole selection device.

Anonymous said...

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